Established by Congress in 2000, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) is a unique collaboration of academic and community-based service centers whose mission is to raise the standard of care and increase access to services for traumatized children and their families across the United States.

Reducing Moves

Children need stability and predictability to thrive. A child who has been removed from their home is particularly in need of consistent care-giving. Increasing placement stability has been shown to be the most significant factor in improving mental health outcomes for foster children. We believe that in order to provide stability, it is crucial that we keep moves to an absolute minimum. The Bair Foundation accomplishes this in the following ways:


Matching the children with the appropriate foster home is crucial for a successful placement. Bair takes into consideration the previous foster home, siblings, religious background, neighborhood and special needs when placing a child with a suitable family.

Preparation for Placement

Placement stability is improved by the foster parent's ability to effectively respond to the child's behavior. They must understand the child's history and view the problem behavior in that context. Understanding a child's past trauma allows the foster parent to respond in a compassionate manner.

No Moves / "R.O.C.K" Meetings 
(Reinforcing Our Commitment to Kids)

We firmly believe in a "No-Moves" protocol which must be the attitude of every member of the treatment team. To support this protocal the foster family is provided with all the information at time of placement and an indivualized treatment plan with structured interventions to improve the child's "weaknesses" and build upon their "strengths."

Additionally, The Bair Foundation holds quarterly "R.O.C.K" meetings During these meetings, the families and staff can reiterate their dedication to children and engage in activities that confirm their commitment.


Specialized Training

The Bair Foundation requires every foster family to attend "Moves" training annually. This training, created by The Bair Foundation, is called "Breaking Through Your Breaking Point." This training and video teaches families practical solutions to deal appropriately with behaviors and the significance of maintaining a placement. By utilizing these tools, we have reduced the number of moves caused by the disruption of placements. Currently, 91% of children placed or residing in a Bair Foundation foster home remained in the same home within the past year.

Trauma Informed Care

Educating staff and foster parents on the effects of trauma allows for a more compassionate and effective response to negative behaviors. Coupled with focusing on a child’s strengths, the treatment team is able to help the child achieve their full potential. Our staff and foster parents remain dedicated to the child in the face of these challenging behaviors, providing them with a stable environment. This allows the child to experience the love and support of a family in a faith-based environment. Providing the child with alternative healthy coping skills results in a decrease in negative behaviors. Children become more socially competent and have a noted increase in positive behaviors. As the children learn and grow, they prepare for discharge to less restrictive environments – return home, adoption or independence. Children in care are prepared for a transition to independence throughout their teen years, in an age appropriate manner.

Bair Foundation foster parents utilize the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) training, "Caring for Children Who have Experienced Trauma: A Workshop for Resource Parents" in our Structured Intervention Treatment Foster Care® treatment model. 


Our Goal: 

The primary goal for the foster youth we serve is permanency - providing a safe,stable home in which to live and grow including a life-long relationship with a nurturing caregiver. Planning for permanency begins in the earliest stages of out-of-home care. While every child has a unique set of circumstances and needs, the permanency plan will be different for every child and will always be in their best interest.

Reunification or the process of reuniting the child with the birth family is the initial objective in foster care. When, for reasons of safety or other considerations, children cannot return to their birth homes, adoption and permanent legal guardianship offer opportunities for long-term stability, with relatives, adoptive families or foster parents from the community. In 2011, nearly 300 children were adopted by their Bair Foundation foster families.

The Bair Foundation is committed to finding a permanent family for all children who come into care through:

·        Reunification
·        Adoption
·        Guardianship
·        Kinship Care
·        Placement in another planned permanent living arrangement

Sibling Connections

The Bair Foundation is acutely aware of the importance of the sibling bond to children development and emotional well-being. Sibling contact gives children stability and provides a connection with their family even when circumstances require separation from their parents. No bond is typically longer, stronger, or more comforting than the bond between siblings - especially those who are separated from other birth family members through foster care or adoption.

Separating siblings causes additional separation issues and attachment problems, therefore it makes it harder for successful foster and adoptive placements. Separating siblings leads to feelings of mistrust, problems with intimacy and poor self esteem.

The Bair Foundation believes that placing siblings together contributes to the success of reunification and also provides fewer disruptive placements. Therefore, in selecting foster parents we attempt to locate families that are willing and who have the ability to work with siblings. The Bair Foundation currently has over 1,000 children in placement with their siblings.

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