Family Services

B.E.S.T for Families

Bair's Empowerment and STrengthening for Families (B.E.S.T.) is a unique program that promotes a strengths-based and family-focused model that incorporates community support and family strengths to create healthy interdependence. This program could begin while the child is in foster care preparing to transition back home or as a prevention tool to keep the child from an out of home placement.

The Bair Foundation utilizes Active Parenting™, a nationally recognized evidence-based parenting curriculum that has proven outcomes. Active Parenting™ is an interactive learning experience that teaches families effective parenting skills. (Pennsylvania only)

Path to Permanency House 

The Bair Foundation maintains the Path to Permanency House and offers family empowerment services. Familiar visits and services are held in a local office that has been set up to resemble a natural home environment.  The Path Program is designed to help parents attain the skills and resources to effectively care for their children. We also want to help the families identify their natural community supports, so that the family does not need to rely on the formal service system. Our hope is to help families to create a safe and nurturing home environment. Our team consists of several Family Advocate workers who work side-by-side with the families to help them reach their goals. We want to teach families and give them tools to complete tasks on their own, so that they can become self-sufficient.

Clinical & Intensive In-Home Services

For over 45 years, The Bair Foundation has been dedicated to children and families. Our Clinical Services Program is designed to strenthen families, enhance family functioning and improve family relationships. Through counseling and supportive services we offer enhancement in specific  areas of need and in times of crisis.

Before placement of a child occurs outside of the home, Clinical Services staff can provide intervention through a comprehensive, multi-system treatment approach. Placement outside of the home is not always preventable. When it occurs, Clinical Services staff can provide after care for families whose child is returning to their home.

Clinical Services offers an alternative to traditional office-based counseling by working within the home, school and community to facilitate mental health recovery in children and adolescents. (Ohio and Virginia only)

Bair offers the following Clinical Services:

  • Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Community Supportive Services
  • Consultation & Collaboration with Community, School & Social Service professionals
  • School-based Interventions
  • Behavior Management Training
  • Child Development and Parent Effectiveness Skill Building
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment
  • Relationship Skill Building
  • Individual Service Planning
  • 24 hour Crisis Intervention to children & families served

Outpatient Services

Bair's Outpatient Program is designed to help families during crisis or to offer enhancement in specific areas of need. Before placement of a child occurs outside of the home, Outpatient personnel can provide intervention through a multi-systemic treatment approach for the specific purpose of maintaining the family unit. Our services include: Step Down Services, Behavior Management Training, Diagnostic Assessment, Family System Dynamic, Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy, Family Therapy & Crisis Intervention. (Oklahoma only)

National Office

  • 241 High Street
    New Wilmington, PA 16142
  • 800-543-7058