There are Over 400,000 Children and Teens in U.S. Foster Care

There are children all over the United States right now asking themselves... 
"When is someone going to help me?"
"Does God really care what happens to me?"
"Does God even exist?"

For those 400,000 children and teens asking those questions, the church has the answer. As believers, we have the opportunity to show them God's love by extending a hand and opening our homes to serve their needs. We have the opportunity to reflect God's image as a Redeemer, Defender, Provider and Father. We have the calling to live out James 1:27.

As active participants of The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) and Orphan Sunday initiative, we work tirelessly to recruit foster & adoptive families. There are so many waiting children (who have suffered unspeakable child abuse and neglect) that we have to turn away every day, because we simply don't have enough homes. We desperately need the help and support of the churches. How might God want to use your church to show His love to hurting children and teens? There is a historic orphan care movement taking place in churches across the globe, one that is changing lives and providing hope for those who have never known hope. 

Opportunity for Impact

This infographic made by and Focus on the Family® shows the number of churches versus the number of domestic children who are legally free for adoption. In 2014, there were 348,000 churches in the U.S. and 102,000 waiting children. If each church committed to just ONE child, there wouldn't be any orphans left!

church and state map

If Not the Church, Then Who?

We believe that the local church plays a key role in solving our country's foster care crisis. If not in the churches, where will we find the Christ-centered homes that we so desperately need? Will you allow us to inform and educate your congregation about the plight of children in our own backyard? It will only take us five minutes.


To help foster children, we have to get on our knees; crying out to God on behalf of these children, their birth families, their foster families, and their social workers. Things you can pray about...


Many foster families get a call from The Bair Foundation and learn that they will be receiving a child (or sibling group) in a very short period of time, often times in the middle of the night. These children arrive with very few personal belongings. Your financial contribution makes it all possible...


You can come alongside foster parents and offer help and support in a number of ways, from providing babysitting or relief care, to helping a foster family cover the cost of their foster child participating on a soccer or baseball team, to taking piano or dance lessons, or even getting involved in scouts. We have some awesome churches that provide space for our foster parent trainings and provide meals to foster families during support group meetings. To learn more about ways you can help, please contact us.

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