Dear Bair...

I would like to thank everyone at The Bair Foundation who have believed in me and encouraged me to reach for my goals in life. Thank you for awarding me this scholarship and seeing the potential in me.

Also, thank you very much for all of the care packages you have sent to me. I have especially enjoyed the snacks! I hope this finds you well and enjoying life to the fullest. God Bless You!!

-Alexis Rowley, Sophomore

Independent Living

Approximately 22,392 youth, ages 18 and older, emancipate out of foster care annually. (AFCARS data for FY 2014) Many age out with limited skills and without a permanent family—critical factors that ultimately affect a successful transition into adulthood. Unlike their peers, foster youth have to make adult, life decisions from obtaining stable employment to finding affordable housing with limited, if any, supports.

It is crucial that our foster youth acquire the necessary skills (before leaving care) that will enable them to live on their own and successfully function in today’s society. The Bair Foundation improves the outcomes for older youth by providing training & focusing on the following areas necessary to become self-reliant.

  • Daily Living Skills
  • Self-Care
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Banking & Budgeting
  • Transportation
  • How Bair Supports Foster Alumni

    The Paul Smith Independent Living Fund - Vehicle Program

    When Paul Smith, an original Bair board member passed away in 2008, The Bair Foundation received donations in his memory. Creating the Paul Smith Independent Living Fund enabled us to provide matching funds (up to $1,000) to Bair teens towards the purchase of a vehicle.

    Lack of transportation is one of the biggest hurdles a teen aging out of foster care has to overcome. As they leave high school, whether they go to work or on to higher education, they need a mode of transportation. Foster youth who have their own vehicle have increased independence and employment success. Matching funds accomplishes two things; it allows us to support our youth by donating toward the cost of a vehicle and it gives the recipients a stake in knowing that they were helping themselves through their own hard work and sacrifice.

    The Ed Massey, Jr. Scholarship

    The Bair Foundation believes that every child deserves the chance to fulfill their dream. We are committed to the welfare of each child that enters our program. The Edward B. Massey, Jr. Scholarship is a reflection of that commitment. The Scholarship, named after late board member Edward B. Massey, Jr., is available to all Bair graduating seniors and is renewable each year. In addition to financial support, The Bair Foundation staff offer mentoring and sends care packages to each scholarship recipient.

    In 2015, 90% of Bair seniors were accepted to a college, university or technical school.
    The scholarship fund offers hope to children who, despite the upheaval in their lives, have worked hard to achieve academic success. By providing the financial assistance necessary for these students to continue their education, The Bair Foundation is able to offer the greatest gift they may ever receive... a college education. Bair Foundation graduating high school seniors may apply for the scholarship by contacting their Social Service Worker or Executive Assistant Susan Chabal at or by phoning the National Office at (800) 543-7058.

    To support these valuable and necessary programs, please donate today.


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