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Kinship Care

Kinship care is defined as full time care, nurturing and protection of children by relative, members of their tribes or clan, godparents, stepparents or any adult who has a kinship bond with a child. Kinship Care allows a child to grow into adulthood in a familiar family environment. The service is designed for children and their kinship and/or biological parents when parental care has been determined to be inadequate or when a voluntary plan with a kinship caregiver is in place until reunification or another permanent alternative is achieved. The service is available to children to affirm their connections to family, community and culture through a kinship care placement.


Kinship services are currently available in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. In Asheville, NC, local church partners have reached out to wrap around Bair's Kinship families, and are providing much needed support and services. This includes babysitting, providing a meeting place for support groups, bonding activities, a community garden, home maintenance, food donations, meals, clothing and school supplies. 

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