National Accreditation And Performance Quality Improvement

Accreditation and Best Practices for Social and Human Services

In 2002, The Bair Foundation was accredited by The Council on Accreditation (COA) and has gone through the re-accreditation process every four years. COA accreditation attests that The Bair Foundation has met the highest national standards in delivering the best quality services to the community we serve.

COA’s standards for private organizations are designed to promote an organization’s capacity to fulfill its mission. The standards address both administrative and service delivery practices to enable the review and accreditation of the entire organization.

Performance and Quality Improvement

It is the goal of The Bair Foundation to bring excellence in managing service delivery to those entrusted into our care.  It is with this aspiration that we work toward the implementation of a Performance and Quality Improvement Plan that invests in all participants and processes to make a quality organization even better.  With best practice always in the forefront of the decision-making process, The Bair Foundation strives to continuously improve our overall performance and quality.

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Through the Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Process, The Bair Foundation tracks and monitors the improvement of performance measures that have been specifically planned for each program. These performance measures are monitored in the local office on a weekly basis to ensure the achievement of each outcome.

As a result, quarterly outcomes are tabulated and progress noted within the performance measured detailed in the three core concept areas:

  • Growth
  • Compliance
  • Quality of Care

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