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Family Services

Creating safe and loving home environments

The Bair Foundation’s Path to Permanency Program was designed to significantly reduce out-of-home placements and maximize the impact of parental mentoring and education.

Path to Permanency

Through this program, we provide family visits and services in a local Bair office that has been set up to resemble a natural home environment. This program offers family-focused, strength-based interventions so children can remain safely in their home. The Bair Foundation is committed to delivering services that can stabilize, support and strengthen each member of the family through skill development and building healthy relationships.

We maintain several Path to Permanency Homes (located in Altoona, PA, Johnstown, PA, Lynchburg, VA and Virginia Beach, VA) that offer family empowerment and preservation services.

Services We Offer

We strive to empower families to reach their full potential by offering them the tools needed and the following services:

  • Active Parenting – Evidence-based parenting programs and skills according to a child’s developmental stage.
  • Bridging the Gap Meetings – Co-parenting when a child is placed outside their family home.
  • Fatherhood Initiative – Engaging fathers in raising children.
  • Placement Stability – Working with families (biological, kinship, or foster) to maintain a child’s home environment.
  • Co-Parenting Sessions – Working with parents who are not together in a relationship.
  • Reunification – In-home visitation skill transfer.

Every year, more than half a million children are the victims of abuse and neglect.

When these children enter foster care, we provide foster families with the support they need to turn tragedy into hope.

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