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Structured Intervention Treatment Foster Care

Preparing foster parents to care for children in need

Structured Intervention Treatment Foster Care (SITFC® ) is The Bair Foundation’s service model.

Our Treatment Approach

The Bair Foundation has a long history of dedicated service to children in need. The SITFC Model provides a knowledge-based, skills-driven method of providing treatment, complete with the tools necessary to meet the complex challenges of helping children who have been traumatized.

This puts Bair at the leading edge of Therapeutic Foster Care and positions us to become the provider of choice for the children who need us most.

Our program model consists of three components




Our service model provides parents with the tools, coaching and support needed to successfully foster children in their care.

1. Planning

Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM) is a self-assessment tool used with the child to help identify areas of resilience.

Case Conceptualization is a team effort to collaborate and identify goals and interventions to help meet those goals.

2. Support

Foster Parent Support Groups are held monthly to learn new strategies and increase knowledge of caring for children in foster care.

On-Going Coaching (home visits) is offered in the home.

3. Evidence-based Training

Together Facing the Challenge (TFTC) provides in-depth instruction and coaching on the core elements embedded within this trauma-informed curriculum.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) is an attachment-centered, trauma-sensitive model designed to help caregivers connect, empower and correct children who come from hard places.

Every year, more than half a million children are the victims of abuse and neglect.

When these children enter foster care, we provide foster families with the support they need to turn tragedy into hope.

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