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Kinship Care

Bridging The Gap Through Kinship Families

Placing a child with someone with whom they already share a bond can maintain a sense of belonging.

Become A Kinship Caregiver

Formal kinship foster care is an out-of-home arrangement for full-time care, nurturing and protection of children by relatives or any adult who has a “kinship” bond with the children. These caregivers may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings or cousins of the children requiring care. They can also include non-blood “relatives,” such as a teacher, coach or family friend.

The Bair Foundation’s formal kinship caregivers have access to the full array of training, services and support available through treatment foster care. We provide kinship care in Kentucky through our Kindred Roots program, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Our Benefits

Kinship families help lessen the stress of the caregiver while improving both placement stability and the well-being of children.

How We Support You

  • Trauma-informed training & resources to help a caregiver parent a child who has previously experienced a traumatic event, family violence or abuse.
  • Support groups that help reduce caregivers’ stress and provide emotional assistance, reminding them they are not alone.
  • Case management to provide guidance, planning, assessment, resources and emotional support.
  • Access to valuable resources including Kinship Navigator, which offers information, education and guidance for families raising relatives.
  • A monthly payment in some states, to help defray the cost of kinship care.

With 250,000 children entering foster care each year, our work is never done.

You can take the first step toward providing the loving home that every kid deserves.

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