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Foster Children Need Your Financial Support

Your tax-deductible gifts and partnership allow us to provide the highest quality of care. With your investment, you are promoting real, measurable and lifelong change empowering our community’s most vulnerable and at-risk young people.

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So many children come to us with little to no belongings, often times crammed into a trash bag. Your support helps us show victims of abuse and neglect that they have value and are worthy of love.

Whether it’s helping us provide clothing, diapers, education opportunities, medical equipment or enhanced services, you can have the confidence that your gifts will make a difference.

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Support our programs

When you donate to The Bair Foundation Children’s Fund, you will help a variety of support services to meet the needs of children and families we serve. Kids in care should be able to take class trips, go to the prom, pay for sports equipment, and orthodontic work that is not covered by insurance.


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Joyce Fasline-Phillips’ Dreams4Kids

Provide a music lesson, restore a smile, enable a child to attend a summer camp or equip foster youth with life experiences before they age out of the foster care system.

Your donation to the Joyce Fasline-Phillips’ Dreams4Kids program helps to purchase special items and services beyond food, clothing and shelter, which are paid for by foster care payments.

It allows families to pay for things such as bikes, class rings, art supplies, instruments, sports equipment, driver’s education, graduation expenses, braces, transitional housing supplies, medical equipment or summer camp registrations – all the things that build self-confidence and resilience.

Joyce Fasline-Phillips’ Dreams4Kids, is named in memory of the late wife of Bair Board Member, Frank Phillips Sr. Joyce ministered to family and friends through prayer, love, laughter and her gift of hospitality. She had a huge heart for the children of The Bair Foundation ministry, especially the teenagers who desperately need intervention & direction.

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The Edward B. Massey, Jr. Scholarship

The Bair Foundation believes that every child deserves the chance to fulfill their dreams.

This scholarship, named after late board member Edward B. Massey, Jr. is available to all Bair graduating seniors and is renewable each year. In addition to financial support, The Bair Foundation staff offer mentoring and send care packages to each scholarship recipient.

On average, over 90% of Bair seniors were accepted to a college, university or trade school. The scholarship fund offers hope to children who, despite the upheaval in their lives, have worked hard to achieve academic success.

Graduating seniors of The Bair Foundation may apply for the scholarship by contacting their Social Service Worker or Scholarship Administrator Susan Chabal at or calling the National office at 800-543-7058.

The Paul Smith Independent Living Fund

Lack of transportation is one of the biggest hurdles a teen aging out of foster care has to overcome as they prepare to enter the workforce or pursue higher education. A vehicle is a large and ongoing expense that few foster youths are able to cover on their own.

When Paul Smith, an original Bair board member, passed away in 2008, donations made in his memory enabled us to provide matching funds (up to $1,500) to Bair teens toward the purchase of a vehicle.

Foster youth who have their own vehicle have increased independence and employment success. It is absolutely crucial that we provide young people with the tools and give them every opportunity to successfully transition out of foster care and into adulthood.

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Bill Burwell’s A.B.L.E. Special Needs Initiative

Provide a child who has special needs with the means and opportunities to enhance their lives.

Bill Burwell’s A.B.L.E (Assuring A Better Life Experience) Special Needs Initiative helps purchase items not covered by foster care payments for children with various disorders, intellectual delays and disabilities.

Your donation could provide one or more of the following items:

  • Adaptive aids – items necessary to treat, rehabilitate, prevent or compensate for any medical condition our children may experience. Adaptive aids could also be devices that enable our children to perform the activities of daily living such as chair lifts, railings, special equipment, and teaching tools.
  • Minor home modifications – necessary physical modifications to a foster parent’s home to prevent institutionalization. The modifications ensure health, welfare and safety or to enable greater independence in the home.
  • Summer Camps for Children with Disabilities – enables medically needy foster youth to attend a summer camp that provides adaptive activities in a positive, inclusive environment.
  • Funeral Expenses – sometimes children come into our care who are terminally ill. Our families do a tremendous job of providing the love, care and quality of life that these precious children deserve. When a child passes away due to their medical condition, this initiative provides assistance for funeral arrangements.

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