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Children Are Waiting For A Permanent Home

Adoption Through Foster Care

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment.

Make A Lifelong Impact

The Bair Foundation facilitates adoptions of special needs foster children. These children come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities and may include those with significant medical, intellectual or emotional challenges.

Bair also finds “forever homes” for brothers and sisters who should be placed together, older children who have been in the foster care system for years and children with autism who desperately need stability and consistency. When adopting one of these children, you are providing them with a secure, stable environment where they can grow up healthy and know they are loved.

The children and teens waiting in the foster care system have often spent years in and out of foster homes. Providing a stable, safe home to these children is perhaps the biggest benefit of foster care adoption. As a foster-to-adopt parent, the significant impact you make on your child will last a lifetime, allowing them to thrive and grow into a healthy, secure and independent adult.

Services We Offer

The Bair Foundation is able to provide necessary support services and facilitate the adoption of eligible foster youth of all ages that include:

  • Case Assessment – Determining your family’s needs.
  • Case Advocacy – Connecting your family to local resources.
  • Support Groups – An opportunity to meet other adoptive families.
  • Respite – Planned opportunities to help strengthen & support your family.

Of the 23,000 children who age out of foster care each year, 20 percent become homeless.

Join us in our mission to help children in need before it’s too late.

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