The Sound of Hope Movie

A Guide to Foster Parenting & Supporting Vulnerable Children

The release of “The Sound of Hope” movie, produced by Angel Studios and the Daily Wire, has spurred a lot of conversation about the foster care crisis in America. This powerful true story chronicles the amazing journey of a small Baptist church in Possum Trot, Texas. Although set in the late 90’s, the message still resonates strongly today. Serving as a call to action for faith communities and individuals alike, reminding us that we all have a part to play in creating a brighter future for vulnerable kids.

This leaves a big question though. How can you personally be a part of the solution to the foster care crisis?

There’s more to it than just watching the movie. Knowledge is power after all. Luckily for you, there are plenty of practical ways you can support foster children and families with the help of The Bair Foundation. We train foster parents to support vulnerable children, have a donation page dedicated to helping kids experience life to the fullest even after they age out, and community engagement opportunities for you to read about.

At The Bair Foundation, giving hope and stability to powerless and vulnerable children is what we do best!

Understanding The Foster Care System

What exactly is going on with the foster care system in America? Thousands of children enter foster care every year due to abuse, neglect, or other challenging family circumstances. Take a second to look at the statistics surrounding these kids. Nearly 350,000 children were in the foster care system in 2023 and only about 190,000 licensed families matched.

Sadly, children in foster care are often robbed of the stability and love they deserve and face many obstacles. While our primary goal is reunification with biological families, this does not always happen. Their stories need to be heard. But more importantly, these children need our support.

What Happens When Children “Age Out” of Foster Care?

Did you know, only 65% of youth in foster care graduate high school by 21 years of age? Compare this to the national graduation rate of 84% and you’ll begin to see the difficulties youth in foster care experience in their academic careers. This fact demonstrates the dire need for intervention to improve their academic success. By the time they’re supposed to be moving on to college and thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, they now must deal with the weight of aging out of the system.

When children “age out” of foster care, it means they’ve turned 18 or 21 (depending on the state) without finding permanent families. It’s not difficult to imagine how unprepared and lost these young adults are when they’re suddenly faced with adulthood. With limited support systems, financial resources, or life skills to ensure their ability to thrive, they begin a whole new cycle of stress. Which unfortunately results in 40-50% of them becoming homeless.

The Bair Foundation wraps around families and children so that their physical and emotional needs are met, and foster families receive the training to help them. Providing safe homes for these children to grow up in so they don’t enter the world unprepared and alone.

How the Sound of Hope Movie Inspires Action

This film tells a beautiful and inspiring true story of how a community decided to fight back. Rebekah Weigel reflects in her journey of creating this movie: “We believe there’s healing that happens in the midst of family. And that’s God’s design. We want to see kids brought into families experience love, care and concern.”

“The Sound of Hope” is not simply an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a tangible display of how real people, with a lot of determination and compassion, can effect genuine change within their communities. Although this Texas community stepped up big to meet the need, similar actions can be taken in your local area. By joining the conversation, this East Texas community proved that determined love is a powerful tool. They made a massive impact on vulnerable children. What would it look like if your community said ‘yes’ so there were more than enough families for children in the system where you live?

Megan Strobel, Program Director in Bair’s Erie office and staff pre-screened the movie and are excited about talking to families who will be reaching out to Bair to learn more about fostering.

“This movie is like no other movie on foster care.  It is raw, real, and life changing.  The challenges, heartbreak, and understanding that the children and foster families reveal to one another are those which our community in Erie face every day,” said Strobel.

Her team in Erie as well as our offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia are waiting to talk with you about how you about how you can be a part of the transformation of a child’s life through foster care.

“We can’t wait to come alongside you in this chapter of your life as you step in to fostering, or whatever capacity your family is willing to serve,” Strobel added.

Beyond the Silver Screen: Practical Ways You Can Get Involved

Now that you’ve watched The Sound of Hope, it might have struck a chord. So now what? What practical things can you DO? This might surprise you, but there are tons of things you can do to step up and create positive change right where you live.

1. Consider Fostering or Adopting

This is an immense commitment, for sure, and it may not be feasible for every family. If you have the space in your home and heart, prayerfully think about fostering or adopting. For more insight, consider watching Rev. Martin’s story of how it happened at Possum Trot.

Before you dismiss this though, understand this: There are various levels of foster care that exist, ranging from respite care to emergency and long-term placements. It might help to explore those options, learning about how diverse the needs of kids in foster care are. If it resonates, think about attending training or connecting with The Bair Foundation for information about fostering, adoption, kinship, behavioral and family services.

Or if adopting seems like a better fit, you can find children ready for adoption right now on the Adopt US Kids website. We never know what kids are going to come into care, but most of our offices offer foster to adopt when parental rights have been terminated.

2. Get Involved Locally: Foster Parent Support

You can support those around you who are currently foster parents. These families make huge sacrifices and provide incredible service to children. Even though the task is incredibly fulfilling, it comes with many unique challenges.

Where do you even start? You may have seen our ad in the movie theater to be a local hero to children in care. To get started with The Bair Foundation, contact us by filling out a form. We will match you up with the closest office to you and that office will invite you to an information meeting. We have information and orientation meetings in person or virtually, and it is where all the questions you have are answered.

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Provide childcare or meals.
  • Think about mentoring kids.
  • Help with transportation or homework support.
  • You could organize support groups for foster parents too.

A simple act of kindness can be an immense support system that fosters resilience and healing within these families.

3. Advocate for Systemic Change

Beyond helping kids one-on-one, consider joining advocacy efforts aimed at policy changes that would bring more resources and support for foster care systems. By acting on the local, state, or even national levels, you’ll play a part in making systemic change that improves the lives of countless children.

It can be tough figuring out how to navigate advocating on behalf of kids, though. Remember, The Bair Foundation is a great place to start. We can provide tools and advice, but we can connect you to other passionate advocates working towards the same goal. You can have a bigger impact when you work alongside like-minded people.

4. Raising Awareness Through Community Events

Hosting events like a simple movie night for “The Sound of Hope” or an information session on foster care in your community will have a ripple effect on those around you. Remember, sometimes change begins with raising awareness.

Think outside the box and engage businesses too.  Would your employer let you share a video from Bair or table at an event, maybe even hang a poster? It only takes a few minutes to ask. If not, maybe they would support your participation in local fundraising events that directly support vulnerable children in your area.

5. Financial Support

Donate to Bair Children’s Fund. Contributing directly can help us serve the foster children in our care. Supporting programs like the Bair Children’s Fund reinforce to these children that their lives matter. That they deserve the same life experiences as children all over the country. Supporting Bair’s Children Fund will create a solid foundation for the children in Bair’s care as well as those moving into adulthood.

Not only can your contribution make a direct, positive difference, but you will also feel-good knowing that you are an important part of meeting a vital need. Every contribution, no matter the size, has a positive effect on a vulnerable kid. It’s showing up for them where others haven’t.

The Movie is Based on a True Story!

Yes. This amazing story truly happened.

“The Sound of Hope” is a drama inspired by true events, spotlighting Bishop and First Lady Donna Martin’s real lives, along with their tiny church, Bennet Chapel, located in Possum Trot, Texas. You can watch the official movie trailer here to see for yourself.

In the movie, you’ll see 22 different families come together and adopt 77 kids from the foster system. Giving them parents and siblings to call their own, in turn changing those children’s lives forever. Doing what was called to them started a national movement about the simple yet profound power in determined love. Inspiring people around the world to fight on behalf of vulnerable children.


“The Sound of Hope” Movie is much more than just a film. It’s a display of the foster care system in America and the children part of it that need your help. It’s an opportunity to engage in real-life solutions to this nationwide crisis. It’s hope for our future. Consider becoming a light for vulnerable children by volunteering at organizations like Bair that serve foster youth and support the work they do.

Although watching the movie can certainly serve as inspiration for you, simply understanding what’s going on in the world of foster care will open your eyes and heart to a place that many avoid. Your effort, even just a little, might be the game-changer for a child facing huge obstacles.

The first step is awareness, now that you have that knowledge, what will you do with it?

Become A Foster Parent
We are doing all we can, but we can’t do it alone. The Bair Foundation is always seeking outstanding people to join our team. We will never stop fighting for the children who need someone to fight for them. We need all hands on deck to help these children become who they want to be. Give kids in foster care a chance. Give The Bair Foundation a chance to provide you with such an honor. Become Foster Parents. Our children deserve a brighter future. 




Every year, more than half a million children are the victims of abuse and neglect.

When these children enter foster care, we provide foster families with the support they need to turn tragedy into hope.

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