Our Mission Is To Strengthen Families

When you work with Bair, you are never alone.

At Bair, our mission is to promote the well-being of children by ensuring safety, achieving permanency, and strengthening families through many different services. 
From foster care to kinship care, one thing remains the same: when you work with Bair, you are never alone. Here are six services that Bair provides.

christian foster care services

Foster care is a temporary living situation for children whose parents cannot take care of them and whose need for removal from the home is imminent. As a Christian foster care agency, we go the extra mile to meet the needs of our children and teens because every child deserves a family.

kids in foster care playing outside

family services

Our Path to Permanency Program was designed to significantly reduce out-of-home placements and maximize the impact of parental mentoring and education. 

Example: Bridging the Gap Meetings where families learn to co-parent when a child is placed outside their family home.

behavioral health services

Behavioral Health Services are necessary to help people improve their overall well-being through the health of their minds and body. The Bair Foundation provides Behavioral Health Services in Ohio (Clinical Services) and Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) in Pennsylvania. 

Services include counseling, stress management, and school-based interventions.

adoption services

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment. The Bair Foundation facilitates adoptions of special needs foster children who come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities and may include those with significant medical, intellectual or emotional challenges. 

Bair also offers support groups where fellow adoptive families can meet and have a time of fellowship.

structured intervention treatment

Structured Intervention Treatment Foster Care (SITFC®) is The Bair Foundation’s service model. The SITFC Model provides a knowledge-based, skills-driven treatment method designed to enhance the effectiveness of services to foster children and teens and to promote positive outcomes.

kinship services

Placing a child with someone with a person they already share a bond with can maintain a sense of belonging. These caregivers may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings or cousins of the children requiring care. Formal kinship foster care is an out-of-home arrangement for full-time care, nurturing, and protection of children by relatives or any adult who has a “kinship” bond with the children. 

Example: Trauma-informed training & resources to help a caregiver parent a child who has previously experienced a traumatic event, family violence or abuse.

kinship caregivers

For more information on all of our services, visit www.bair.org/services 

Become a Foster Parent Through The Bair Foundation

Since 1967, The Bair Foundation has been committed to building strong children, strong families, and strong communities. It is through loving foster parents that children have a sense of belonging and a loving home.

We are doing all we can, but we can’t do it alone. The Bair Foundation is always seeking outstanding people to join our team. We will never stop fighting for the children who need someone to fight for them. Our children deserve a brighter future.    

If you are interested in Becoming a Foster Parent, you can request no-obligation information about fostering through The Bair Foundation here and a team member will contact you directly.

Of the 23,000 children who age out of foster care each year, 20 percent become homeless.

Join us in our mission to help children in need before it’s too late.

Become a Foster parent